Our Services 

Welkin Nurseries & Landscapers are passionate about gardening and landscaping and our ultimate goal is that you wake up in the morning, breathe a heavenly sigh, and look out in wonder and marvel at your beautiful gardens/s.

This being said, South Africa's economy is struggling and budgets have been slashed but we are still committed to ensuring that you still awaken to your paradise.

There are plenty of ways of making sure this happens and although one would like a full turnkey operation (of which we do offer) , we have split our services to ensure that you are still able to enjoy a full, sustainable garden.  

Q:- What do we mean by this? 

A:- If you are unable to afford our full turnkey project, we can still design and provide the plants, shrubs and trees at a portion of the cost.  This will enable you to plant and place your plants, shrubs and trees with your own gardener by simply following the step by step method with the design and project plan provided.  

We are proud to provide a broad range of high-quality services:

For more information about our services, schedule, and costs, please fill out this form or call us on:

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