Design & Layout

When planning a new design for your residential or commercial garden, the first thing to do is to work out exactly what the garden is going to be used for and who's going to use it. Do you want shaded areas or sunny areas? Do you want play areas or places where you can sit and relax on your own or with colleagues? Do you want to entertainment area and have a big, outdoor eating area or do you need to screen the building next door?

Site analysis is the most important step in our designs and we consider the way the garden's exposed to the sun or shade.  Existing vegetation in a garden may be retained, or we may want to remove it if it's past its best. The house/building is such an important part of our design as It gives architectural styles, view lines and, of course, the entry point to the garden. 

 Accurate measurement of  your residential or commercial building is needed and we drawn up plans on graph paper, carefully locating doors, windows and garden. We measure the boundary and plot and everything else, systematically from there. 

Doing our plan on graph paper allows us to estimate material including: 

-  Irrigation

-  Top Soil

-  Compost

-  Grass

-  Gravel

-  Paving

-  Bricks

-  Concrete

-  Decking

-  Pots, Water Features, etc

-  Lighting

-  Water Tanks

Plant selection will depend on the style of garden required but regardless of the style, spacing between plants is considered.  If a client wants  immediate impact, then plants are placed more closely together so they fill the space and the garden looks full. However, if a client can afford to be patient, and wishes to save money, plants are planted further apart and they then grow together over time.

Should you wish us to consult on your design and layout, feel free to contact us here